Friday, September 28, 2007

There’s Always Next Year!

I finally made it out to Dodger Stadium last night thanks to son Seth having a couple of extra tickets that he made available to his dear old folks. It was the first time at game Dodgers' game this season and it was good to be there even if the home team was thoroughly thrashed in a less than inspiring matchup with the Colorado Rockies. I do offer a couple of so-so photos. The first, taken during pregame warm-ups does show the back of Russell Martin (#55), the young All-Star Catcher, as he prepares for the game. It is followed by a shot taken from our seats near the left field foul pole and aimed at the scoreboard (with the full moon visible above the light tower).

Last night's game sort of reflected the year for me. At mid-season both the Dodgers and my beloved Detroit Tigers were in first place. With about 10 days to go in the regular schedule, they both had a chance to make the playoffs as the wild card team in the respective leagues. But that all ended this week and now the final games on Sunday will put me out of my baseball misery.

Added note: As I watch/listen to tonight's Dodger/Giants game, the great Vin Scully mentioned that the Dodgers and Tigers have the 2 worst records since the All-Star break of all the Major League teams. (Sigh - it has been a very long 2nd half of the season.)

It will be a dull October for me. I have no emotional interest in the teams that will be competing for the league pennants and the World Series. I will be counting the days until spring training starts in 2008, constantly reminding myself that, "There's always next year!"

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