Friday, September 21, 2007

A (Technology) Postscript

Ever since Earthlink helped me "solve my DSL problems," I have not been able to receive and send a signal through my wireless router. The router simply could not work with the new modem Earthlink sent me for the cost of the shipping charges. The new modem was okay running through an ethernet router, but not the wireless one. Finally, since the original problem was the line signal, I decided to see what would happen if I reinstalled the old modem.

It worked!!! Not only does that modem still work (contrary to what the first 2 of many Techs told me), I was once again able to install my wireless router which has been communicating very nicely with the modem for the past 24 hours.

Having succeeded in getting my system to operate using the same configuration it had before the line signal problems began, I called Earthlink and suggested that they ought to give me a credit for the overnight shipping charges they billed me since I neither needed the new modem nor did it allow me to use my wireless router. Believe it or not, they agreed, with just one proviso. They are sending me a shipping label so I can return the modem to them. When they receive it, that will give me the $39.50 credit.

I have learned a lot about both myself and Earthlink during this process. First, I know something about computers; my initial diagnosis of the problem was correct even if the first 2 Techs I talked to insisted it was the modem, not the signal. [If they only had agreed to test the signal when I first called, it would have saved both them and me a lot of trouble.] Second, Earthlink ought to train all the tech staff to recognize that occasionally customers know what they are talking about. Too many companies refuse to recognize that the problem may be their service and not the customer's computer. Finally, I once again discovered just how persistent you have to be in order to get problems resolved and to not get stuck with footing the bill for the service provider's shortcomings.

And now to continue my journeys on the internet.

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Eric Valentine said...

I can sympathize and also agree with you entirely Leon. I have ran into those same problems with the server I deal with and you do have to insist at times.
Well done my friend.

Have a good weekend surfing. :)