Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Banner Day – Banners 4

Some construction in the neighborhood made it necessary for me to alter my route on today's daily walk. And that provided a bonus; a number of colorful banners I had not previously seen. As you will see, the first 2 clearly target Valentine's Day and the final one in the group of 4 seems to be left over from the holidays.

Maybe I'll get back to writing tomorrow instead of showing the latest photos of what is seen along the way.


Eric Valentine said...

Great shots as always Leon. It's nice to see the different flags (I call them) very colorful they are too. :)

Thanks for sharing. :)

Leon said...

Thanks Eric. . . and I may finally get around to acknowledge on the blog that you "roared" me last November 15. Some things do get lost in time and memory and it feels good when they are finally remembered. :~)