Monday, February 25, 2008

Flying Colors at a Deli – Banners 5

We spent the day yesterday with Michelle and Tino Julian, their 2 young daughters and Tino’s mother. Tino and my oldest son Bill became close friends when they both were freshman at Occidental College in 1985. Over the years, Tino has been a member of our family as well as his own and we often joke that he brought Michelle over to meet us and get our approval before he could marry her. We approved and he did!

Even though we all live in the Los Angeles area, it is a long drive between our home in Palos Verdes and theirs in North Hills. So yesterday was a day to visit and get caught up on all that was going on. Once there, we all went out for brunch at Weiler's Deli Restaurant in Northridge. And a fine meal it was. As we came out of the restaurant to head back to their house, I glanced up and saw a series of 4 colorful banners (or flags, if you prefer) aligned along the front of the building. Using my trusty cell phone camera, I got pictures of them to share as the 5th in my series of banner posts.

These banners were an extra bonus added to our wonderful day!

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Eric Valentine said...

Very colorful banners Leon, but quite attractive. Glad you had such an enjoyable visit. :)