Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Bucket List

We went to see The Bucket List this afternoon and I was very pleasantly surprised. From previews and trailers, I expected to laugh a lot at the antics of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I was not expecting anything more than a comedy filled afternoon. However, this Rob Reiner directed movie was a lot more than film humor.

Much to my surprise, The Bucket List was a very intelligent, thoughtful, well-written movie. While very funny, it also dealt sensitively with issues that cross the minds of all of us, especially those who have reached septuagenarian and beyond status. The humor was not insulting or offensive. Nicholson and Freeman were outstanding. They truly seemed to enjoy working together and their interactive timing was absolutely marvelous.

All of us, not just the characters, can learn a bit about living life to the fullest and not crawling into shells when the remainder of our future is defined in starkly finite time frames.


Sidney said...

II had older parents, so when my dad died I kind of realized I'd blinked and time had passed. It made me more conscious of trying to do things like "The Bucket List." I like to say I saw the bookends on my dad's life and it made me more conscious about the time we have.

Cameron said...

Sounds like a great movie. I look forward to seeing it.

Your post's final paragraph is particularly powerful.