Monday, February 11, 2008

Hit #4000 - All in the Family?

This site received its 4,000th hit at 5:26:33 p.m. PST this afternoon. It came from a Mindspring/Earthlink address in Brooklyn, NY at 8:26:33 p.m. EST (the sender's local time).

I do believe that this milestone stayed within the Cohanim; I am fairly certain it came from the original blogger in the family that many know better as either Oxypoet or BillyBlog.

If that was you Bill, thank you for being #4,000 in 17 days short of The Ancient One's 1st blogiversary. (OK, I shouldn't invent words, but I sort of like that one.)

And, as I was writing this, hit #4001 arrived. That one appears to have come from my friend Eric Valentine, aka Scattered Chatter from an ISP out of Guelph, Ontario.

I am sure if I am wrong about the sources of these hits, Bill and/or Eric will let me know.

Anyway, thanks to all who have stopped by and contributed to so many hits in less than a year!


Eric Valentine said...

Congratulations Leon on #4000. I am here with a big grin on my face this time. I see all the free plugs here on your site.. :)

Thank you Leon for being here and for being the friend that you are... The Best... May you get the next 4000 as quickly. :)

Leon said...

Eric - you are one of the reasons I have gotten to 4000 as fast as I have. Your daily visits, the Roar, the meme; all have added to the total. Thank you my friend. :~)

bonnie said...

I was going to put in a claim for maybe being hit #4,000 but I realize I didn't get out of work until around 9:15 last night!


Leon said...

Sorry about that Bonnie. BTW - you also come to the site from an ISP on Number 4000 was from and the referring URL was a technocrati page listing references to BillyBlog. So - I gave Bill the credit.

But I am delighted that you continue to stop by now and then. Thank. you!

Shauna Roberts said...

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