Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Year Old and Going Strong. . .

I started this blog one year ago today. My initial purpose was to write vignettes from my life and my family's history. I wanted to make sure my children and grandchildren would have some knowledge of what I like to refer to as the Cohanim, i.e. this particular Cohen family. But the blog seems to have taken on a life of its own and the 230 posts prior to today also contain a lot of reflection on daily happenings, especially as they relate to my relatively recent (13 years) love affair with acting. And I talked about things that struck my fancy "along the way" whether it be the beautiful peafowl in our neighborhood, colorful banners (or flags) neighbors hang in front of their homes, some of the spectacular or unusual views I would come upon on my daily walks, the books I've read, movies and plays I've seen, and even new fangled things like waterless urinals.

To celebrate this 1st anniversary, a new banner graces the top of the screen. Although I took the picture on one of my walks, the banner itself resulted from an offer from blogging friend Eric Valentine and his wife Elizabeth. They are responsible for the actual design. Thank you Eric and Elizabeth for adding a touch of class to my ramblings. [Eric shares his own life experiences and writing at Scattered Chatter where he recently added his own new banner which, I suspect, has Elizabeth's mark on it.]

Those who may have stopped by for the first time in recent months might wonder about the title and subtitle of my online journal. I explained The Ancient One, Blessed Be He in the initial post on February 23 of last year and then added and posted about the source of Ruminations of a Cantankerous Old Curmudgeon in a March 15 post. One comes from my children; the other I borrowed from my father about 40 years after his death. In their origins, these phrases help keep me grounded as I move into the early stages of my 8th decade on this planet.

As Year 2 begins, I thank all of you who have been part of the nearly 4,200 "hits" to the blog in the 1st year. I hope you keep coming back and that some of your readers will stop by too!


Sidney said...

Happy anniversary!

Eric Valentine said...

Good day to you Leon, congrats on the 1 year blogging anniversary .

Isn't it amazing how something like this can just grab a hold of you.

You are doubly 'grabbed' because of your love of acting in the theatre. :)

The banner looks wonderful and we thank you so very much for the 'plug' may you have many years more years of enjoyment doing the things you love.

Your blogging friend.. :)

Cameron said...


Your new banner is great. Very artistic.

Here's wishing you lots more blog postings!

Leon said...

Sidney, Eric, Cameron: Thanks for your visits and good wishes. I hope Year 2 is as much fun as Year 1 has been. ;~D

Bill Cohen said...

Happy anniversary pops! Iam quite jealous of your banner, but it looks awesome, nonetheless. Keep blogging!



Judith Shapiro said...

So glad to have found your blog and your friend Eric's as well. I came upon it by way of BillyBlog, which I enjoy also. What a lovely place for your children to visit. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog.