Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Little Milestone

One month ago today, this blog of The Ancient One received its 500th hit since tracking began. This afternoon at 4:46 p.m. PDT hit #1000 was recorded. It came from a Delta Entertainment IP Address, apparently in Los Angeles. And, based on the Google search that ID'd the site and the length of time the visitor actually viewed it, I suspect it was no accidental hit. Thank you #1000. And, if you are willing, let me know who you are.


Additional note posted on July 10: After posting this yesterday, I discovered last night at the Much Ado About Nothing rehearsal that #1000 was Eric Billitzer, a fellow CCPT member and cast member in Much Ado. Thank you Eric!

1 comment:

Dreaming on a Moonbeam said...

im glad to see that you have nothing beter to do with your time then be excited about the number of hits on your blog. i mean, with 2 shows opening this weekend and all.....
i'll be there 2nd sunday - have school 11-3 this weekend. happy costco run!