Friday, July 20, 2007

Ready for Weekend #2 (CCPT)

As the 2nd weekend of the Culver City Public Theatre (CCPT) 2007 Season approaches, I couldn't resist adding 2 more pictures here. They were taken by Suze Campagna and forwarded to the cast by Director Heidi Dotson.

From Left: Susan Odom, Shannon Pritchard, Sharon Savene, Frantz Delsoin, Bethany Hilliard, The Ancient One & Laurie Baron All are posed at the end of the dance in Act 1 (I believe that Teresa Waxer's head is barely visible on the table and, alas, Blake Anthony is out of camera's range.)

Apollo (Frantz Delsoin) plays the lyre

I hope many of you come to Carlson Park this weekend to see both King Midas and Much Ado About Nothing.


Rex Hoss said...

Either I'm going blind from a bad contact lens prescription (or oldish age), or there just aren't any pictures on your blog!

Rex Hoss said...

Oh, sure, as soon as I posted about your pictures - they showed up! Scratch that last comment!

Eric Valentine said...

once again I would like to say well done for the presentations you have given in regard to your theatre work.

I did make a comment after week 1, then realized you may not read that far back. LOL

Again congratulations and thankyou for sharing. Very nice to meet you. :)