Monday, July 9, 2007

Down to the Wire for CCPT 2007

Well, we spent the weekend in the park rehearsing both Much Ado About Nothing and King Midas. The set was tweaked and yesterday most of the cast members were in costumes to get a feel for working in the space while fully bedecked. For me, it really felt good to finally do a complete run throughs of both plays. . .and in costume too! After all my early panic and doubts, I am comfortable, for the most part, with my lines and blocking. I know we all will be ready for next Saturday's opening of the CCPT at Carlson Park in Culver City.

Below are a few of the photos I took at yesterday's rehearsal of Much Ado. (Unfortunately, I am not off stage long enough to get pictures of King Midas.) The pictures do reflect the "new" Gypsy concept of the production.

From Left: Kat Bylska, Susan Odom, Teresa Waxer and Sharon Savene

From Left: Jim R. Felton, Tanya Gorlow, Barb Ross, Eric Billitzer, Savene and Waxer

From Left: Milton Chen, Felton, Gorlow and Ross

Rex Hoss

John Glass and Shannon Pritchard

For a slide show and additional comments on the Much Ado production, please visit the blog of friend and fellow cast member Rex Hoss, pictured above as he sings his way through the closing of the show. If I'm not mistaken, you will also see some images of The Ancient One as Dogberry over at Rex's place.

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Rex Hoss said...

Hi Leon, you busy blogger you! You have some great pictures too! Thanks for posting them.