Friday, July 13, 2007

Rehearsals are Over. . . Now the Real Thing (CCPT)

I've been quiet here for the past couple of days as we went through dress rehearsals for CCPT's productions of King Midas and Much Ado About Nothing. The big personal news: After all of my panic and agonizing, I have learned my lines and feel ready for Saturday's [ read that as "tomorrow's"] opening performances.

Below are a few pictures from the final dress rehearsal for Much Ado. Those of you who saw my first post on the costumes for this production will notice that there was a rather dramatic change in the costuming concept for the show.

Rex Hoss, Barb Ross and Kat Bylska

Shannon Pritchard, Sharon Savene and Susan Odom (Rear: Jim R. Felton)

Eric Billitzer and Barb Ross

Teresa Waxer and Kat Bylska

Matt Van Winkle, John Glass and Jim R. Felton

Opening tomorrow. . . I hope to see you there.

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Rex Hoss said...

As usual Leon, great pictures! Thanks for taking a few last night - I was too wrapped up in trying to get my act together to worry about pictures even though, with all the costumes, I wanted to have some. Now thanks to you we have some good ones for the memory book. Can't wait to open this show tomorrow!