Friday, July 27, 2007

Flashback. . . Counting Cows

While working out this morning at the rehab center, a friend commented that he made the time on the treadmill seem to go faster by counting cars driving by and compared the number for each minute. And, for some strange reason, that triggered a memory from the distant past.

When I was a kid and we were traveling by car through the countryside, we counted cows. If there were 2 or more of us, we were divided into "left" and "right" side teams. My most specific memories come from the drive from Detroit to the Ada & Manny Klinger family cottage on Lake Erie between Harrow and Leamington, Ontario. Often the cow counting competition involved me and my cousins Mark and Susan Klinger.

It's strange how an off-handed comment can conjure up memories from 60 years ago. At a later date, I will have to talk about the many ways Mark & I found to get into trouble with his mother when we were at that cottage. But I need much more time for that.

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