Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And I Even Learned What Amber Is. . .

I finished Steve Berry's novel The Amber Room and along the way I learned what Amber
is ("fossil resin or tree sap that is appreciated for its colour") if the entry in Wikipedia is accurate. I also used Wikipedia to learn about the Amber Room that is at the core of this international thriller. The book was enjoyable and moved quickly, even with all the "factual" information it contained. Berry aided the reader by a "Writer's Note" at the end of the novel that helped separate that which was historically accurate and what was the product of the novelist's fictionalized storytelling.

Now that I have completed my 2nd Steve Berry book (I previously read The Templar Legacy), I move on to his most recent novel, The Alexandria Link. It is another novel of international intrigue that centers on the search for antiquities.


Eric Valentine said...

That series of books really sound interesting Leon.

Don't you just love the mystery and also history of the Amber Room, just reading the Wilipedia was quite enlightening as well as exciting stuff. :)

Leon said...

Good to hear from you Eric. I do like Berry's writing. It's sort of "lazy man's history" with a story blended in. I just have to make sure I know what is clear fiction and what is fact. But it does give me a quick look at some things about which I had no prior knowledge at all.