Monday, December 24, 2007

Banners Everywhere – Part I (2007 Holiday Season)

People around here like to hang banners outside their homes. And they change them with the season. I thought it might be interesting to occasionally feature banners I see along the way. [It's titled Part I because I may well repeat this exercise as the months and banners change.}

So, I took my old Sony camera with me again this morning and shot pictures of the banners along my walk, most of them hung specially for the holiday season. The first 2 are on the houses of our next door neighbors:

Around the corner, there lives a veterinarian who is actually flying 2 banners although it is hard to see both because of the overgrowth of foliage:

Other holiday banners included the following:

Now, not everybody had holiday banners. With the annual Rose Bowl coming up on New Year's day, partisans in the neighborhood displayed the colors of the favorites:

That's the University of Southern California (L) and the University of Illinois (R)

A San Diego Charger fan got his word in too, although, in recognition of the holiday, both of the following banners appeared on the house:

Finally, there was one house displaying 2 banners from upstairs windows, rather than hanging them out front:

Enjoy the banners of the season as seen in my neighborhood. And my best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with health, happiness and peace to all who pass this way!


Eric Valentine said...

What a wonderful custom Leon!

They are a beautiful thing to see.

I haven't seen Banners/flags displayed like that since I was a child, I just love that.

Thank you for sharing with us my friend. :)

Leon said...

My pleasure Eric. :-) Have a healthy and happy New Year. I'm looking forward to continuing to see you along the blogging trail!