Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Bit More Hillerman. . .

A couple of weeks ago I came across another Tony Hillerman novel, Skeleton Man, which I had not yet read. I like Hillerman’s mysteries, partly because they provide insight into Navajo Culture as they follow the exploits of Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee and the Navajo Tribal Police. In this particular novel, there is an added dimension of coming to understand Hopi culture as well,

It was a good and quick read; just right for my morning walks. But Skeleton Man left me feeling a bit empty. There just wasn’t the same level of mystery that I have come to expect of Hillerman’s books. What was going on seemed fairly clear cut; the only real excitement came toward the end of the book and the resolution of the conflict between the “good’ and the “bad” folk.


Now I am turning to an interesting novel written by one of Donna’s many cousins. Actually, when I ordered it, I thought it was a memoir, not fiction. The book is Rub Up: Musings of a Navy Corpsman by Mitchell Rycus.

It is based on Mitch’s experiences in the Navy during the Korean War period. I’ll hold off on substantive comments until I finish the novel other than to say that it is obvious, to me, that it is autobiographical.

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Kalynne Pudner said...

Thanks for the kind words, Leon, and know that I really do appreciate the BlogRush referral (and the blogrolling, too, despite my tongue-in-cheek remark about its phonetic resemblances). Congrats on your SAG membership! I am in awe of someone who would try to take on that particular industry :)

Happy New Year, backatcha.