Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Arghh!!!! Ahh!!!!!!!

Arghh!! You know, it's that feeling when something goes wrong. I had that feeling last night when I went looking for my cell phone and it was nowhere to be seen. I called it from the house phone several times but never heard the sound of its ring which is not terribly unusual because reception inside our house is rather spotty.

I hate to admit that I feel absolutely lost without my cell phone. Not that I use it all that often, but I am comforted by its presence. And most of my acting jobs usually start with a call to my Nokia 6102. It is there for me when I need it. Where could it be?

I then began backtracking my day from the moment I last remembered the phone in my hand until I got home. I went back to Torrance Memorial Medical Center; I had last used the phone as I exited the Cardiac Rehab Center and turned the ring back to normal from silent as well as read a text message from my oldest son. I rewalked back up and down the steps I had used as I descended from the 5th floor after my workout. I checked the elevator in the parking structure and the area where I had parked. And before you wonder about it, yes, I thoroughly checked the inside of my car. I then drove back to Costco where I shopped before coming home. No luck in the parking lot, in the store, at the exit or with "lost and found." I finally came home thoroughly depressed. There's that "Arghh!!!!" again.

This morning I prepared to stop in to see a client of mine and then head on down to the cellular store to buy a new phone. I just had to have one with me and it could not wait. I commiserated with myself about the arduous task of re-entering all the saved numbers. I thought sadly about the stored photos that were contained on the SIM card in my phone. I was resigned to having to get a new device and start over again. As I was leaving the house, I decided to exit via the garage; that was the way I came in when I got home from Costco yesterday. Then a thought crossed my mind. Yesterday was trash pick-up day in our neighborhood. After I brought in the groceries yesterday afternoon, I went back outside and brought in the empty trash barrels. In the garage, I picked up one of the barrels and. . . .there it was, my Nokia 6102.

Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more; I was whole again.


Eric Valentine said...

Wow Leon that was a stroke of luck at the end of your post. I do the same thing if I misplace anything, I back check my movements.

Lost my wallet once, like you ~ after a frantic night with no sleep I was able to find it. That was a relief I can tell you, for I was down in the States not here at home..

Have a good week my friend. :)

Leon said...

AH yes, today life is good. Thanks for the good words Eric. :-)

Josie Two Shoes said...

So glad you found that cell-phone, Leon! I know how frustrating it can be, especially losing the contacts. I've learned a lesson from that, and keep an on-line list that I update from time to time. Funniest cellphone loss I know happened to my ex... he was driving a tractor and planting a field at the time. Cell phone must have falled out of his pocket on one of the many climbs down to refill seed bins. When he noticed it missing, he walked the field dialing the number... and sure enough it rang... underground... he had planted it!! Despite a little wear and tear, it continued to work fine. :-)