Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh, What a Beautiful Day. . .

Today was one of those magnificent days that remind me of how much I enjoy living where we do in southern California. It was crisp weather for us; probably in the high 50s or low 60s. The sky was a breathtaking blue. My daily walk was a true pleasure and I offer up 3 pictures taken along the way.

The first is the view looking down from the top of Via Zumaya in Palos Verdes Estates toward the Pacific Ocean:

The second is of a pile of rocks in a field at the end of Via Barcelona. Every time I pass this was, I think that a neighbor provided a stone blanket over the grave of a pet that died but I really have no facts to back up that thought:

And finally, turning left from the rock pile, I was looking out along a canyon:

Yes, those are the kinds of views I am treated to when walking on clear days. And, for those who read the previous post, I have replaced the photo of the "Peacock Gate" (shot from my cell phone) with a much better one taken with my camera today.

Even after 26 years living in southern California, I still am not totally adjusted to this kind of weather for the holidays. But I do like it.

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Eric Valentine said...

That is absolutely wonderful Leon........

Nice gates again too. :)