Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who Is This Baby?

Rummaging through old family photos, I came across this picture:

The picture was taken in 1938. The photographer was my father. I believe he was using a Speed Graphic camera (which 15 years later I used as a sports photographer for my high school newspaper). On several occasions over the years, this photo was entered in school baby picture contests. It always won. My father was a great photographer who did all his own photo processing in a darkroom in our basement. And this post gets me closer to the original intent of this blog; to reflect on our family history and leave a written/visual archive for my children and grandchildren.

Okay, enough for the not-really-a-mystery; the picture is of The Ancient One at a very tender age. I guess that is today's bit of shameless self-promotion.


Eric Valentine said...

Even at that age Leon, you can see the resemblance of today.. Nice picture.. :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

How adorable! When I was small I looked like the Campbell's Soup kid! LOL