Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last night we began the final 4 nights of run through rehearsals for To Kill a Mockingbird, which opens at Culver City Public Theatre's (CCPT) venue in Paul Carlson Park next Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. We also started working in costumes to the degree they were available.

As Judge Taylor, of course, I need black judicial robes. Sharon Savene, a fellow CCPT member, came through with a graduation gown that apparently had been used by her sister. It fits perfectly! Now, I was aware that in recent years, students purchased, rather than rented, their caps and gowns. I never thought about it very much. Then last night, I happened to notice the label in the robe/gown the good judge will be wearing.

Huh? Notice the bottom line. I showed it to others in the cast, several of whom wondered out loud, "Then how do you clean it?" I assume that you don't. In this modern day and age we have garments to be worn until dirty and then thrown out. I'll just have to keep it clean until the end of the run.

I guess these graduation gowns are in the same category as that "disposable underwear" I remember reading about several years ago. Oh well!

P.S. Ignore the size on the label. The Ancient One has never come close to 6'0", much less the range shown. But the gown, as a costume, still works.


Eric Valentine said...

You sound like you are still enjoying the acting Leon and why wouldn't you my friend.

That label should be sent to Leno, I'm sure he could use that last lone.. Very amusing... :)

Leon said...

You got that right ERIC! Good to hear from you my friend. I'm still chuckling about that label.