Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Is That Man?

Those of you who know The Ancient One know that he has a relatively full head of hair. No bald spots in spite of his decades on earth. But when an actor gets a chance at a paying job where he is supposed to resemble someone else and is only being shot from the rear and side, he sometimes is willing to do strange things.

Just who is that man? And whom is he supposed to resemble? Maybe The Ancient One will talk more about it sometime after tomorrow's TV shoot.

Oh yes, a special thank you to Josie at Rolling Hills Barbers for her valiant effort with scissors and clippers!


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm figuring it's you. And maybe Sean connery?

Shauna Roberts said...

The things people will do for their art!

Eric Valentine said...

That's a pretty good looking "Crown Royale" Leon..

007 y'say. :)

Leon said...

Sorry CHARLES. I wouldn't mind if it was. :~D

You're right SHAUNA. . .and for some extra cash too! :~D

Ah ERIC, you always have a way with words and phrases. But that's not it!