Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sheriff and the Judge (CCPT)

Thanks to Milton Chen, here are a couple of photos from one of last weekend's performances of To Kill a Mockingbird at Culver City Public Theatre (CCPT),

The first shows Sheriff Heck Tate (Eric Billitzer) and Judge Taylor (The Ancient One) just before their entrance onto the stage from the audience area early in Act 1.

And the 2nd shows them moving across the stage a few moments later.

Thanks to Milton for allowing The Ancient One this opportunity for some blatant self-promotion.

Final performances of CCPT's To Kill a Mocking Bird are this weekend (August 23-24) at 2:00 p.m. in Paul Carlson Park at Braddock and Motor in Culver City. Y'all come by, y'hear!


Eric Valentine said...

Wonderful pictures Leon, you certainly are a "Man of a thousand faces" :D

Leon said...

And I'm lucky to get some great roles. Thanks for stopping by ERIC.