Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Rehearsal Week Ends . . . (CCPT)

Thursday night's rehearsals were rather notable. The King Midas cast was working in a large room with a mirrored wall that allowed us to view ourselves as we went through the one dance number in the production. Progress was surely made although the king certainly remains dance-challenged. But several of the scenes are beginning to feel good and should look that way once people are off-book.

The Much Ado About Nothing cast, on the other hand, had to work in a much smaller, hotter space than they had been used to. I was there for the Act 3 run through and it seemed to go fairly well considering the challenge of fitting 17 actors in what felt (to me) like a small sauna.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get pictures of the Midas rehearsals because I am usually on stage. (Maybe I should have taken advantage of the mirrors and shot reflections as I went through my own lines and blocking.) But I do have some pictures of the Much Ado cast making do with tight places.

From Left: Susan Odom (Margaret); Shannon Pritchard (Hero); Matt Van Winkle (Prince); Kat Bylska (Ursula); Sharon Savene (Attendant); and Eric Billitzer (Leonato)

Jim R. Felton (Benedick)

Watching the actors, seated from left: Director Ken MacFarlane; Stage Manager Suze Campagna; Teresa Waxer (Verges); and Rex Hoss (Balthasar)

In preparation for his own role of Dogberry, the Ancient One is meeting with Director Ken MacFarlane tomorrow (Saturday) to get a lot of questions answered about language, meaning and blocking. It should be interesting, enjoyable and intense. Hopefully, the results will be noticed next Monday evening when all the members of The Watch will be together to run their scenes; possibly the only time they will all be together before tech rehearsal start in Carlson Park in 2 weeks.


Rex Hoss said...

Wow, I made it into one of your rehearsal pictures!!! Thanks! B.T.W. what's up with the low resolution pictures? I'm not sure how you're posting them, but I'm sure your camera can take higher resolution pictures than that. If you need help, let me know! - The Geek, AKA Balthasar

Leon said...

Good point! I can do higher resolution. However-I am not using the flash; I dare not distract the actors. The resulting pain would be too great to bear! Uh... -Dogberry

Rex Hoss said...

Flash will not impact the resolution of the picture - only the brightness. Your pictures are great in terms of brightness - but they are pretty 'pixelized' - meaning they either were taken at a low rez, or they were converted to a lower rez somewhere along the uploading process. Mind you, I'm not complaining - I'm just a photo-enthusiast!