Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Working Selected Scenes. . . (CCPT)

Last night was a tiring one as we worked on selected scenes for both King Midas and Much Ado About Nothing. For me it was a rewarding night. I was off-book (sort of) on one of the Midas scenes and, while rough, it finally gave me a sense of making some progress. No pictures of that rehearsal but I expect that will change now that we finally have a stage manager, Milcah Matos.

In Much Ado, for me it was a thorough working of the first of the "Watch" scenes and it felt good. Clearly the session I had with Director Ken MacFarlane last Saturday was a big help. I am beginning to feel comfortable as the often-befuddled Dogberry. And, thanks to Stage Manager Suze Campagna, I can offer the below pictures which include images of The Ancient One.

From Left: Milton Chen (Oatcake); Sharon Savene (Seacoal); Teresa Waxer (Verges)

From Left: Milton Chen (Oatcake); The Ancient One (Dogberry); and Sharon Savene (Seacoal)

And a couple of photos I took before The Watch occupied the space:

John Glass (Claudio)

Matt Van Winkle (Prince) and Tanya Gorlow (Beatrice)

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