Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blocking Midas Gets Underway (CCPT)

Last night was the 1st blocking rehearsal for King Midas. It started with a scene that used actors who are not also cast in Much Ado About Nothing. That's one of the challenges faced by a theatre company presenting a season of multiple (in this case 3) plays. When actors are double cast, the directors have to coordinate rehearsal schedules. At the moment, there are 5 actors cast in the 2 plays in rehearsal and that will increase later this month when the 3rd play (Neil Simon's) The Good Doctor begins it's rehearsal.

Today's photo is from the beginning of a scene where the gods Pan and Atlas argue about which of them is the best musician. (Note the space in which the rehearsal is being held. It's far different from the park where performances will be held.

From left: Laurie Baron (Pan); Frantz Delsoin (Apollo); Director Heidi Dotson

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