Thursday, June 14, 2007

CCPT Opens in Just One Month…

It's hard for me to realize that the CCPT 2007 season opens one month from today. I am feeling some anxiety at this point because I have so far to go in my preparation. This is the first time I have been preparing for 2 major roles at the same time. Usually, I get nice character roles and Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing certainly falls in that category. Actually, it's more than "nice," it's a "wonderful" role and I hope I live up to director Ken MacFarlane's expectations. Right now I am still learning lines (which includes language and meaning) and blocking.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get used to having the lead in King Midas. Heidi Dotson has written a delightful script but I am still trying to define my character as I learn my lines. Fortunately, the king is a bit of a bumbling soul which makes my movement in "the dance" truly in character.

Both plays have incredible, talented casts and that helps a lot in the preparation. Below are some photos from the June 12 & 13 rehearsals of Much Ado. . . (Not much time at the moment so I will try to add captions later.)

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Rex Hoss said...

I know you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by dual roles in two plays, but I know you'll do GREAT when performance time arrives! Also, thanks for chronicaling the rehearsals with pictures. It saves me from having to take them! I may take a few and post them on my blog in the future as well!