Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sy Brenner at 85

We returned from San Diego this afternoon where we celebrated the 85th birthday of Sy Brenner and the 58th anniversary of his marriage to Resa. What a weekend, that was full of surprises for Sy.

The least of Sy's achievements is that he is my father-in-law. More important is that he is husband to Resa; father to Donna, Ron and Mo; Zaidi (grandfather) to Bill, Alicia, Seth, Megan, Sara and Dylan; great-grandfather to Jolee and Shayna.

Most of his adult life, Sy was a salesman, carrying several lines of children's clothing and selling to stores throughout the Southwest. When I met him in the early '70s, he wasn't on the road any more but was located in downtown Los Angeles at the Mart. When I married Donna in 1981, he welcomed me into the family as if I had always been a member (which isn't too far from the truth. . . but that is for another time).

In the last 15+ years, Sy's life has been dominated by use of his experience as a POW in World War II as a means to personalize history to young people in classrooms in both the LA and San Diego areas, helping educate military trainees on the prisoner experience, and the writing of a book on his life as a POW which eventually will be published and shared with all who might care.

For me, Sy has been as much a friend as a father-in-law, after all he is only 15½ years my senior. What Sy has meant to his grandchildren was reflected in "Instant Zaidi" which was written by my son Bill (aka on the net as BillyBlog) [Maybe Bill will post it on his blog.]

Below, I add some pictures from the party last night at Jamacha Junction in the San Diego/El Cajon area.

Grandchildren (from left) Alicia, Sara, Megan, Seth & Dylan

From left: Marilyn and Nephew Alan Simon, Resa, Sy and Rev. Bill Mahaedy

The whole party


Oxypoet said...

Ask and you shall receive. Sorry I missed the fun. Looks like a good time had by all!

zahava67 said...

So sorry I missed the lovely party. Not only is Sy Brenner a wonderful father, grandfather, husband, and friend, he's the one who put the, "great" in Great Uncle. Love to all, Clara's granddaughter in Farmington Hills