Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Special Father’s Day Gift. . .

Younger son Seth returned yesterday from a driving trip to Northern California. With him came a Father's Day Gift I assume he picked up along the way. I picture it below at the risk of exposing some of my deepest political feelings and biases. . .but all in good fun.

The package contains a set of refrigerator (or side-of-file-cabinet) magnets which allows the recipient to dress W as the mood of the day sees fit. Ah, what fun! As the package indicates, this and other magnet sets comes from a company called Reefer Magnets located in Mount Vernon, Washington. The package also announces on the back: "Now, the toy for that special Democrat in your life. Have your own Regime change every day of the year!!!" Well, time to open the package and start dressing up (down) ole W.

Thanks Seth!

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