Thursday, June 28, 2007

A First Look at Midas Costumes (CCPT)

It always seems to add excitement to the preparation of a production when the actors see the first costume pieces. Often, the final costume ends up very different from the first that is tried on but the initial fitting brings the play closer to be a reality. At last night's rehearsal of CCPT's
King Midas, we had our first encounter with the costumes that Andi Toaso is putting together for us. Below are a few pictures of characters in costume pieces. It will be interesting to see how they develop between now and our July 14 opening.

King Midas (The Ancient One) The Princess (Shannon Pritchard)

Verboseous (Susan Odom) Apollo (Frantz Delsoin)

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Rex Hoss said...

Hey, great pictures of the initial Midas costumes. I'm envious - since we don't get to see our Much Ado costumes until Saturday. Thanks for the Google clicks too - I'm actually making money - I think we're on to something here!