Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Can See (Blogs) Again. . .

At last after more than 2 days in never-never land, I can once again read blogs (including my own) that have a BlogSpot URL. After losing access on Sunday, I tried every thing I know (which, admittedly, is not much) to get any of the computers in the house to access BlogSpot addresses. Then, about midday yesterday, I found a Blogger help site where many people were complaining about the same problem. It seemed that most of us blog-reading-challenged souls were Earthlink customers in the Los Angeles area.

Then it was on to Earthlink's chat line where, after 30+ minutes, the tech messaged me that they were getting enough complaints that they were kicking it up to a "higher level" to find a solution. This morning. . .still no access. I then did both virus and spyware scans (which revealed nothing bad). BUT. . .when I returned to the computer after the scanning process. . .voila!. . .I could get to those favorite sites I like to visit on a regular basis. Tonight or tomorrow morning, I will try to get caught up on my own posting.

It is so good to no longer feel disconnected!

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